The daily routine life of a blue-collar worker in India

Blue collar workers may refer to individuals who work in certain industries that requires physical or manual force to get the job done. There are blue collar job roles that involve pull-and-push, carrying, lifting and even applying manual force in certain areas. These people are the ones who risk their life so that other people do not have to face the difficulties in the future. A certain question arises is that how much do we know what is going on behind the scenes and who are those unsung individuals or rather heroes of the community?

We are going to find out who are these people who make our lives better by putting themselves in situations where very few can dare to enter and exit while keeping themselves intact.

Municipality Workers

They are comprised of sweepers, drain sanitation employees and garbage collectors. They work for different municipal corporations of different states of India and keep our localities, neighbourhoods, streets, lanes and even our roads clean. On a daily basis of travel to work or vacation, we have often seen these individuals cleaning or sweeping the streets irrespective of the weather condition- whether it is hot or cold. They bear the brunt of the climate to make sure that the environment is safe and hygienic. People have to admit that they are also responsible for the workload they endure because of their carelessness. In public places where it is mentioned to put garbage in the dustbin or “spitting is not allowed”, we often take it lightly and pay no heed towards these small rules which are there for a good reason. These rules were established not only to keep society clean but in a certain way to decrease the work load of these workers. 


Electricity (whether it’s direct current or alternative current) remains an important part of the human society and without this precious commodity, human civilization would have been living in the modern dark age. Light is something which brings hope to people and to make it possible are the electricians. Whenever it’s a storm or a cyclone, the wires, transformers or electric poles always have to bear the destruction of mother nature. Days and weeks pass by often wondering when will the electricity come back and when it comes back, the happiness is indescribable. The smile and tears of happiness are those moments born because of an electrician. They climb up the poles, fix the generators and joins wires at the risk of their own life.

 Being an electrician is one of the high-risk jobs one could ever take because around one lakh electricians die due to occupational hazards like falling from a pole, getting electrocuted or late medical measures. 


Whether it is a bus or a taxi, the man behind the wheels is the one responsible for taking us to our destinations in time- the driver. You wake up in the morning, take a shower, had your breakfast and hop on a bus or a taxi for your work or vacation. The driver is using all his skills to make sure that you reach your destination without any delay. They are punctual and disciplined enough to make their own ends meet. 

A bus driver is the one who is at risk all the time because he is the one carrying many lives in one vehicle and understands what will happen if anything goes wrong. He often has to face the anger and frustration of the daily passengers who come aboard every day. They often say “that you are so slow”, “come on man, increase the speed” or “what are you doing”. People should understand the risks of being a bus driver is not easy because they do not have the luxury of saying anything in return. Road accidents are common and it will be a severe issue if the bus driver does not drive properly or follow safety rules.

In this modern day, many cab services like Ola and Uber have emerged to provide fares at an affordable price and also providing jobs to people who can drive and have a driving license. They are only a distant away and it only takes an app to hire their services.

Construction workers

Every city always has something to build- buildings, roads, halls or auditoriums. For that we need construction workers to do the job. A construction may seem like a playground of machines or tools but it is a place where even the toughest of the toughest feel fear before entering. It is one of the high-risk jobs where payment in some countries is lower or even worse. Construction workers are required to follow safety protocols every time to make sure that nothing goes wrong and everyone stays safe. Construction workers are very much underrated like most other blue-collar workers because of their work culture. 


When there is cleanliness, there is God. Buildings, schools, offices and other places of work are meant to be clean and hygienic otherwise it will become a breeding ground for pests and insects. Janitors often clean these places to make it safe and secure for other white-collar employees to work without any kind of hindrances. Being a janitor is often seen in a negative way because of the cleaning job they do and also the small amount of salary they get paid. Janitors will always remain an integral part of our society and they should receive the honour that are due till now. 

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