Top reasons why blue-collar jobs are essential

Blue collar jobs are one of those areas of professional hardship where very few are willing to go. Working in any blue-collar jobs is often seen as a taboo or something which does not fit into society’s so-called “civilized profession” mentality. Yet without these blue-collar workers, half of the job remains incomplete and leaves an impression why it is not complete yet.

Blue-collar workers are one of the hardworking professional groups which a very few people could ever understand. Ever since the dawn of time, the blue-collar section remained an important part of our society. 

There are various reasons why these blue-collar workers are important and out of that a very selective few reasons are given below: –

1. Risk-taking attitude

Blue-collar workers are often the daredevils of the professional world. Their risk-taking attitude is what separates real people from the children. People living in cities in India where heavy industries are present and it is prevailing at a massive rate, they often see construction sites, factors or some kind of dense heavy metal work going on. The general mass immediately becomes apprehensive of the work that is going on and the people who are doing it. For these blue-collar veterans, these tasks are nothing but a child’s play. 

2. High level of stamina

Energy is required in whatever work or job we do and the amount of energy which is spent depends on the amount of work we are doing. Certain jobs require a good amount of energy whether it is physical or mental. Blue-collar jobs are those professions where an individual becomes tired is not an option. These kinds of jobs involve a good number of heavy-lifting duties which consume a lot of energy. Whether it is a construction site or a factory, energy is everything.

3. Endurance

To quote Lord Buddha, “Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.” True to every letter in this quotation, enduring a difficult time or a bad situation is a test of character and patience and the one who has endured the most is the one who has won. As a civilized society, it is an inborn habit of ours to judge people based on someone’s qualification but not on what that person is going through. If an ordinary person or white-collar professional is kept in a factory or a construction, there are hardly any chances that they will survive for a day. A blue-collar worker has the endurance of ten ordinary people to work in harsh environments like construction sites or factories where the work environment is not suitable for ordinary people like us. 

4. Will-power

When there is a will, there is a way. It is very true that if an individual is determined that he/she wants to achieve something, that person will get it no matter what. Even Thanos would agree with his own words, “The hardest choices require the strongest wills”. 

Blue-collar workers are extremely strong-willed and have a never-say-die attitude even in harsh situations. You (the reader) must be wondering how is that possible and are there any examples?

Yes sir/ma’am, there are examples that we often choose to ignore every day, every time and every moment. You have to ask yourself who delivers your food or medicine, fixes the plumbing of your house, resets the wire connection of electricity, paints your walls and windows, builds and cements your house or washes your dishes and utensils? There are just a few letter words for all of them- delivery boy/girl, compounder, plumber, electrician, painter, masons and maid

It may sound a bit obnoxious but this is the harsh truth that we are the ones living in luxury built upon the blood, sweat and tears of these hardworking blue-collar workers. And the conditions in which they work are also cruel and punishing. There are very few who often get good behaviour from people where they have worked but most of the time, they often are victims to bad behaviour of society’s views towards them.

5. Discipline 

Carrying out your duty with discipline is a very rare characteristic found in individuals today. Discipline in a professional area is a necessity that cannot be ignored at any cost because the people working in that organization have to be extremely disciplined to meet goals and targets. 

Blue-collar people are among those disciplined groups of professionals who carry out their duty without even taking a moment’s break or hesitation. You will never see any blue-collar professional sitting idle or taking a puff in a corner. Bad weather, extreme heat or bone-chilling cold atmosphere, they are always moving without breaking a sweat. 

Delivery boys are a prime example. We order a specific item or a medical commodity from an e-commerce store and it notifies us that it will arrive after one or two weeks maximum. As we are patiently waiting for two days, suddenly the bell rings and we see a delivery boy/girl standing outside with our ordered item. It is a surprise that they are faster than the mentioned time. This is the discipline of being punctual and uncompromising hard work. 

Masons and carpenters are another example who usually risk themselves all the time. Masons usually build our houses with great care and diligence on bamboo constructs which poses a certain risk to their lives. Carpenters make furniture with dangerous items like sawing machines, hammers and nails. One wrong mistake can cause severe injury and an irreparable handicap of any worker.

6. The rise of quality

Blue collar jobs have their own specific skill set and for that, it requires a certain level of education. A person who is planning to make a career in the blue-collar industry, is required to go through a period of training to get the skills necessary for the job they are looking for. A diploma is often necessary from a reputed institute where there is value and assurance that you are qualified for that job. For example, a Diploma in Electrical Engineering can land you a job as an electrician and it can be pursued after class 10th or class 12th. There are chances that you can also pursue a graduation course if your marks are good.

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