Why Blue-collar Job Sector is Underrated?

Employment is one of the biggest key factors of survival in the 21st century and without any source of revenue, existence will be equal to null and void. Jobs are those sources which gives meaning to our very existence and without jobs, human lives will be in a desolate place. 

Jobs could be off various types and each job is based on the number of qualifications and skills required. It is seen that based on these acquired qualifications and skills, we get jobs in various industry based on the job collar-colour system. 

Job collar-colour system can be defined as the type of job industries based on the needs of the human society, the skills and qualifications of the individual applying for a particular job and often the pre-conceived notions or views of the society. 

White-collar jobs and workplaces including administrative works, corporate positions and government offices, has always remained a hallmark in the views of the human society and if any person (be it a man or a woman) is working in those areas are often considered successful and well established. In contrast, the blue-collar counterparts are seen in a degrading viewpoint. There could be numerous reasons why blue-collar jobs are not given the same amount of respect as their white-collar counterparts and this the reason why this article was reason to get to the point.

The following points will help discover why the blue-collar job sector is underrated. 

1. Appearance of the people working in those sectors

The first thing that people notice is the appearance of an individual- whether it is in an office, on the streets, at a restaurant or at home. Cleanliness plays an important factor to determine someone’s background and work culture they are coming from. 

White collar, in real life or in movies, are often a visual spectacle and makes us wonder how do they take care of themselves despite being so busy in work. They are clean and well groomed in every way possible. The way they do this is perfection at its best. 

Blue-collar people, on the other hand, are often seen dirty and ragged which immediately distances people from them. They work in harsh conditions where remaining clean for the rest of the day is impossible and have to endure all the sweat and dirt which is extremely unhygienic. The lack of proper level of cleanliness in those workplaces is a contributing factor to the underrated condition of the blue-collar workers.

2. Dress code for the working environment

A certain number of workplaces require a certain dress code. If you are working in an office, it is necessary, that you must wear formals because you are bound to as this rule is applicable also on those people who are working in that organization. The dress must be clean, ironed and tailored properly so that you may appear appropriate in front of your team leader and the higher management. 

Blue-collar people do not even have the same level of luxury of their white-collar counterparts. Their dress is often torn apart from various places, dirty due to bad work environment and cramped up. The kind of dressing issues often tells people that they do not have any sense of dressing up or even cannot keep themselves clean and hygienic. Patches of dirt, dirty gloves and a rustic sense of work are also major contributors to the reason why blue-collar jobs are underrated. 

3. Perception of the society going on for ages

People often view white-collar jobs or any office (government sector or private sector) working person to be a well-established and respectable member of the society. They could lead a happy life without any worries or problems. It is often seen that white collar people are more successful and have luxuries to enjoy. But it is not what it seems because even white-collar people have to deal with work pressure and stress of the society. 

Blue-collar people are often seen as failures without any hope because this kind of jobs does not suit young generation people coming from respected families and many people are often reluctant to leave their white-collar jobs and join the blue-collar job sector because of these pre-conceived notions. A lack of knowledge and appreciation towards blue-collar workers is becoming prevalent day by day but thankfully people and various industries are starting to understand the value of these hardworking blue-collar individuals. 

4. Lack of experience in the blue-collar job sector

Experience is often the true knowledge that a person learns during his/her entire lifetime at home, at school, college, university and even at work. The experience gathered during these phases is often helpful in later phases of life where it will be needed the most. This is also important to know when people are entering any collar job industry. 

People are fortunate enough to not dwell in an industry were people have to endure the harsh reality of life. It is a life not for the faint of heart who complain even at the slightest of difficulty. Blue-collar workers are working day and night to make our lives better and also for the coming generations. Whether it is building metros, making buildings stand or cleaning the society, these people endure and suffer more than all of us. It is a privilege that despite having little to afford, they are doing their work while enduring the sweat and tears of every day. 

5. Education is seen as a criticizing point

One of the proudest moments for any parent is that when their children complete their education and gets a good job. It is a moment of celebration, laughs, tears of joy and a step towards a new life. But when a student gets average marks or fails due to their lack of interest, his/her parents get angry and tell that child that “You are good for nothing”, “I have wasted money on you” or “Why don’t you just get lost”. Education is necessary but it is more important to help your children to go through difficult times and guide them. 

Blue-collar workers are often seen as illiterate and unskilled people but it is not true at all. In many professions such as being an electrician requires a diploma of three years and a registration from the government to work in that relative field. Blue-collar jobs do require some education and training otherwise working in that sector will be very risky.

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