Delivery personnel earning during the second wave of covid-19 pandemic

Delivery personnel are one of the toughest jobs in the blue-collar industry. The second wave of this dreaded coronavirus pandemic has proved that e-commerce, food delivery and pharmaceutical companies are facing high requirements for delivery boys so that they can send their products to their customers where they cannot even reach. 

The demand of delivery boys is increasing day by day in urban areas as well as rural areas because people nowadays cannot go out of there house due to fear of infection. These people who are delivering our desired materials to us are not only life-savers but also worthy of praise from the entire human society. They bear the heat, the cold, the rain and also our restlessness to get the job done. It is priceless and they deserve respect of what they are doing not only to help us but also to feed their families too. 

It is often astonishing how do they do it and how much do they get paid. During these tough times people are barely able to make an income, few of us have seldom wondered how much do they get paid for their services to us.

Let us dive into the three sectors where delivery boys are extremely high in demand- E-commerce, Food and Pharmaceuticals. 


Amazon and Flipkart are these two e-commerce giants who are dominating the Indian market and proving excellent eservices when it comes to delivering product in time. Whenever we try to order any product from these two websites, it is often mentioned that the product which we have ordered is going to be delivered within one or two weeks. And here is the surprise! They will actually ring you up within two-days on your cell phone that your order has arrived and they are asking for your location. Aren’t they good magicians?! They are right in front of you with your package and simply you just pay in cash or can use e-wallet to pay them in advance. 

These delivery people get paid around from Rs.15000 to Rs.18000 per month. And if any person is able to make deliveries above one hundred or one hundred and fifty, they can get paid from Rs.55,000 to Rs.60,000.

There are certain conditions where they have to work. If you have a vehicle of your own, then you can use it to deliver the products yet scenarios change from time to time. If you are carrying anything heavy, the company, whom you are working under, will provide you their own vehicle. People who are only 10th or 12th pass they can join this kind of jobs and they should have a certificate of that board from where they have passed out from. Other important documents include PAN Card, Aadhar card and Bank account. The duty hours would be from 7AM till 8PM in the evening. Due to this second wave of the viral pandemic, the shift which was eight hours have now increased to nine hours. 


Apart from air, water and clothing, food is one of the most essential part of human needs and without it, our chances of survival are very less. Many states in India like West Bengal and Maharashtra are facing lockdowns and we are unable to visit them without the risk of getting infected. The only thing that comes in mind at that moment is food delivery services and see which restaurants are providing online food delivery services during that time on our mobile devices. Then we can peacefully order our favourite delicacies through applications like Zomato, Swiggy or Uber Eats and it gets delivered to our doorsteps. Even some restaurants are operating at night time and during those hours, some people often feel hungry and even they order food as well. No matter what kind of weather or circumstances are, our food gets delivered in time without delay. This is the level of dedication these people put int their effort to keep us safe form harm’s way despite the fact of risking their own lives. Food companies like WowMomo and Dominos are also following the same protocol so that their business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

The monthly pay which was before the pandemic hit the nation was around between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000. When the pandemic hit us, the salary hike went up and now an average food delivery man earns from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50, 000 a month which is quite excellent that the food delivery companies are now taking the welfare and livelihood of their delivery personnel very seriously. This kind of selfless-service is very rare nowadays but these people give hope that a time will come where their services will be remembered until the end of time. They are still carrying out their roles without any complain or hesitation at the risk of their safety. 


Medicine has now become a commodity during these tough times and every medicine shop or pharmaceutical stores are now being frequented by people who are need of medicines. People are stockpiling these essential commodities just in-case if their state governments or the central government announces lockdown at any point of time. The situation has also come when in 2020, lockdown was issued nationwide and at that time medical and pharmaceutical shops were rarely open. 

Companies like Pharmeasy, Netmeds, and 1mg came into the picture to save the day through online medicine delivery. If anyone required any kind of medicine, whether homeopathy or allopathy, they can easily place an order from their apps and if the medicine is of a higher power, it would require that person to take an image of the doctor’s prescription to prove that he/she needs that medicine urgently. The best thing about the medicine delivery service of these companies is that if you place an order in the morning hours, it would get delivered in the evening which is absolutely great for people who need medicines desperately. They are also responsible for saving lives due to their timely delivery of medical essentials. 

 The pay scale is not as good as compared to the e-commerce and food delivery services. They are paid merely Rs.11000 to rs.12000 per month which is harsh and cannot cover the cost of living, personal expenses and also the cost of fuel for their vehicles. The medical retail companies must take action on their pay scale so that the lives of their delivery personnel become easier.

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