How to increase your WPM?

Words per Minute or WPM is a slight common test when we are attending any Telecaller or support Interviews. It’s not just words but they tend to see the accuracy of your typing along with the speed under 1 min of duration. So in this blog, we are going to learn how to increase your WPM.

There are a couple of factors that increase your WPM both in accuracy and speed.

Practice typing without extensions:

Now there are a lot of extensions that correct your sentences with all grammatical corrections and even the punctations. These are quite great practices but when you are planning to attend interviews that have WPM tests you should quickly stop using these extensions and start concentrating on what you are writing word by word. Check your errors and try improving on every next attempt.

Avoid SMS Language:

The most common mistake freshers do while writing content, especially after a break or attending Interviews after a long holiday is using SMS languages in content like WHR? WAT? DR? YS, U, etc… You need to keep avoiding these formats as when you are typing fast you may type in this format as you have a habit of using these words in your SMS Languages.

Start writing content like a blog:

We may or may not habituate of writing blogs. But the main use of writing lengthy content will help you to stop seeing the keyboard as you have to concentrate more on content rather getting stuck with a single alphabet or a word. So writing lengthy content will help you habituate to increase the speed without seeing your keyboard.

Use of double hands:

Few of us search for keys and type and a few others will follow the pattern. It’s always suggested to go in the pattern flow. where your left-hand fingers should be close to “A, S, D, F” and right-hand fingers should be close to “H, J, K, L” and both the thumbs should be placed in such a position to comfortable press the space bar. 

The assumption of typing fast by also deleting the misspelled ones will affect your result so beware of that. All the best for your interview process.
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