Jobs & Career in Hospitality Sector

There are days passed the Hospitality sector is just restricted to candidates who aren’t doing great in their studies. Now all are pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s in Hospitality Management in order to get into their dream hotel chain or F&B Businesses. 

What kind of Job Roles are there in Hospitality Sector?

Leaving all the formal hospitality job roles, there are many more roles that come in huge in number including

Receptionist or Admin

– Personal Secretary


– Culinary

– Restaurant or Hotel Captain

– Managers

– Travel and Tourism Support Desk

– Operations

What are the available courses to pursue Hospitality Courses?

– MBA In Hospitality Management  (Graduation is required for doing this course)

– BBA Hospital Management (+2 is required for doing this course)

– Diploma In Hospital Management

– Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management

You can always choose your subject from the above degree or diploma courses.


Right from the cleaning department to maintenance and maintenance department to culinary all these depend on the individual job role you join after your course. If you have been hired with a Hospitality Management degree you will be trained by the team.

Only complex issue if you join this industry is not having dedicated leaves during the weekends. Especially this industry will have huge traffic during the weekends with full equipped works so if your management will not accept leaves or week offs during weekends.

Salary Packages and Career Line:

Salary packages start from 8000 to 1.5 Lakh per month depending on where you work both city and organization. Every role has Junior, Assistant as the primary roles with starting pays of 8 to 20k and Mid roles of Manager, Receptionist and few more with salaries 25k to 1 lakh and Head of departments with salaries ranging from 80k to 1.5L.

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