High paid Part-Time Jobs in India

Days are gone that part-time jobs are not just useful for earning you pocket money on a monthly basis. Part-time jobs in India now arent a less earning job especially when you are choosing a blue-collar role as your part-time job preference.

Delivery Boy – Weekends can bring you thousands

if you own a 2 wheeler and have boring weekends then always the best option to earn more money is getting into this profile. Delivery boys can earn up to 30k if they are into metro cities and into a full-time role.

Apply for Delivery boy jobs here
All these positions especially offer freelance work where you can always choose the days where you are planning to work on. Each delivery will fetch you 40 to 80 rs and a single weekend can bring you two thousand rupees.

Car Driver – Converting your car as a cab

With a basic KYC done most of the cab companies are now encouraging anyone to be their cab driver, especially on the weekends. Most of the software engineers are earning extra in the metros and everyone knew it. The challenge here is you should be having your own car and a valid driving license to start this. This process can easily bring you ten thousand on a monthly basis upon your part-time work on the weekends.

Apply for Full time and Part time cab driver jobs

Skilled works – Carpentery, Beautician, Photographer, Musician, etc

Are you skilled? Want to earn through your skills beyond the work you are doing as a full time. Then have your website and social handles ready to pitch your product. Start having your name on popular listing pages and do nice SEO work. Then you start receiving calls from your customers. If this work is beyond your hand, then look for an organization that has such opportunities on the weekends. Being a freelance photographer or similar quotation is always yours as you are the owner of the work.

There are a few more part-time profiles, especially like a tuition teacher, sales executive, tourist guide, etc.. but while talking about the high-paid profiles these are still not up to the mark to appear as high-earning monthly income job roles.
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