What are the prerequisites for joining a Delivery Boy Job?

The Interview process usually involved in the delivery jobs recruitment process is very easy to crack. The only concern is the prerequisites for getting into this sector.

1. App using knowledge

2. Two-wheeler and Valid Driving license is mandatory

3. KYC details

4. Local language knowledge

App using knowledge:

Leading delivery jobs are all linked with their mobile apps so the first prerequisite for attending these interviews is to have knowledge on using mobile apps and how it works. Though you may not exactly know about their app on how it works. They will just test if you are aware of using google maps and some basics of using an app and later they will train you on how to use their brand app which won’t be a big complex thing to learn

Two-wheeler and Driving License:

When you are supposed to travel and deliver goods, It’s very obvious that they would be looking for a two-wheeler, and it’s the second prerequisite. If you are not having a vehicle and if you do have a valid license some organizations are willing share some allowance if you are planning to taking a vehicle on a rental basis

KYC Details:

Though this is the 3rd prerequisite in order, without this you won’t be getting this job. A valid bank passbook along with valid address proof is always mandatory to get a job in this field. 

Local Language knowledge:

Where ever you are applying it’s mandatory to have know 2 languages usually if you are applying for delivery jobs. Either it will be local language + Hindi or local language + English. Either of them works but if you aren’t great enough in the local language there would be fewer chances of getting this job. 
Usually, all delivery jobs come with weekly or Monthly payments along with an Insurance facility. If you are looking for a delivery boy job, Register at www.Teamlease.com

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