Blue-collar Jobs – Not a Less earning Jobs anymore

A Mason to a plumber and Driver to an electrician when there is no streamline for these profiles the salary structures for these profiles are way low compare to any other profiles for the last few decades.

Surprisingly you don’t have much community built around these! When we ask you to get a carpenter from 1990 to 2010? Your first option is to check your neighbor or relative who stays nearby can share a known contact and you never would have approached Google to search for a portal and You cannot name a common portal too.

When there is a rise in Internet it gave a lot of scope of increase in Online services and created a space where TeamLease also have utilized this space in creating Job portal service for Blue-collar Jobs and a few other platforms created Pay & service models for the Blue collar job roles in a freelance category. 

So How did this internet business help Blue Collar profiles?
Better Work Culture:- You never know when you are going to be fired or whether you can take a leave for your casual/personal purpose before. Now it is completely different. You can join an organization with proper paperwork and have dedicated leaves for the month with fixed timings as well
Better Salary. When you are working under TeamLease’s payroll majority of the roles are with PF + ESI included along with a good fixed salary for all the Job roles. When it comes to Freelance models Apps have been created for the works like plumbing, Electrician works, Carpentry work with a good fixed amount per service, By doing a handful of services per month an individual is able to earn even more than a fixed salary employee even by working beyond the fixed timings. Other Side Roles like accountant Jobs, Receptionist Jobs, Drivers Roles, Picker & Packer roles, Sales/Marketing Job roles are still going for Job portals as there it is more streamlined there. 

Employers are reaching out to Job portals for blue collar profiles now:

When you are a Big chain and in a need of Blue-collar profiles like a good number of Plumbers for a project in a shipbuilding company or a construction space. Now employers are reaching out to portals for an easy gathering of the club of skilled blue-collar profiles.

How much percentage of skilled labor are really using these apps/ services?

True! Still, a lot of skilled labor arent coming out of the traditional way of working under contractors without any paperwork which is still making them earn less salaries. This either caused by less branding of Job portals serving blue-collar profiles or Freelance Apps are sticking up for metros.

The salary structures of these profiles earlier it was completely day-wise payments, Now moved to monthly or weekly payments with the revised structure to 2x of their earlier payments. If you want to shift to a new company you no need to search for a job from a known offline resource and you can again apply for a job at Teamlease which is equipped with active openings where clients are actively looking for a person like you! 
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