Top blue-collar jobs in 2021 in India

2021 has seen the rise of numerous blue-collar jobs and many industries are providing jobs to people who are unemployed or have lost their jobs. White-collar jobs are on a decrease in the case of employment or any benefits related to it. Blue-collar jobs in 2021 is opening up new avenues for people who have become tired of sitting idle at home or those who want a source of recreation to freshen up themselves. 

The following blue-collar jobs are worth exploring in 2021 if one is genuinely interested in them.

Customer Care executive

Just imagine that you have ordered something from an e-commerce company and the product or service turns out to be defective. The chances are that you will become angry, upset, or would want your money back or a replacement related to your product. What to do next to carry out the proper action? 

You call the customer-care cell of that company to ask for a replacement or a refund of that particular product or service that you have ordered and paid for it. Your call will be redirected to the grievance cell or department where they will gather information or details related to your delivery and assures you that your redressal of that product or service will arrive within a few days and you get that redressal on that day. 

Customer care executive jobs are not just limited to e-commerce but have spread across various corporate areas where you have to deal with customers on a daily basis and if it is a bad day, you will come across angry, unsatisfied clients who will verbally use bad remarks but at the end of the day, you have to remain calm and help the customer. This job will help you know more about people’s modern-day psychology and gives you more insight into the human mind. 

Cab driver

A cab driver is a unique job that requires patience, speed, accuracy, and timing. You can either have a taxi of your own (whether it is AC or Non-AC) or you would be working for a private cab company where your services will be required. Your job will be to help reach customers or people who have hired your services to their destination on time. You have to be well aware of every road, every route, every lane, and even, if necessary, some shortcut routes might help. Extra caution is advised because getting to a place in time does not equal getting there alive. You have to think of the safety of your passenger and make sure he or she is safe and sound once they have reached their destination.


A caretaker’s job is to take care of women and senior citizens at home. Most of the time you have to keep an eye on them to make sure that whatever activity they are doing, no harm should ever come to them. 

If you are looking after children, then it is a high-risk job because they are young in age and have the tendency to be playful along with some mischief. You have to adjust yourself with their mentality and play along but not at the cost of their safety. Whenever they are trying to do something that poses risk to their lives, using compassion and love to make them understand what will happen if they do not listen to you. On day end, you have to report your activities to your clients or the child’s (or children’s) parents. 

You have to be careful when you are dealing with elderly people because, at a certain age, they often become weak and do not tend to listen to themselves. You have to take care of them as if they are your parents. You have to make sure that they take their food and medicines on time. Use love and compassion through conversations because, at a senior age, they often find themselves to be lonely or do not have anyone to talk to them. Be kind and gentle.

Delivery Person

Delivery personnel hiring has increased significantly during the second wave of the corona pandemic. E-commerce, retail, food supply, and medical industries are hiring people who can deliver products and services at the doorsteps of their clients. Working as a delivery person can help you explore diverse surroundings and become habituated of each and every locality they are visiting.

One of the best things that you can get to know what it is to be like a delivery guy and get a clear picture of how they do work all day long. It is quite a tedious job but it has its own worth. They are usually the unsung heroes who has got the job done at the risk of their own life. 


People who are pursuing graduation in nursing or even a master’s degree are well suited for this job. The contribution of nurses has been quite invaluable during the first and second waves of the covid-19 pandemic. Nurses have to work 24×7 to make sure that their patients are in the best of health. 

Nurses often have to face tremendous pressure on the job because there are little to no breaks in between to take rest or recover from the hard work they have been doing all day.  They have to remain extremely meticulous while administering medicines or injections to the patients because even a little mistake can cost the life of their patients. They have to remain alert all the time and exercise caution whenever possible. 

Fire fighter 

Firefighters often risk their lives to save people from danger and their work schedule is extremely hectic. They often spend one-third of their lives in fire stations they have to be ready whenever the situation of fire arises. Physical fitness is a top criterion where you will be selected and also awareness plays a bigger role which shows your recruiter how focused you are. 

It is one of the most adventurous jobs where you have to handle life-threatening situations and if you are thinking that you are bored and have become, the job of a fire-fighter is best suited for you.

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