Can you become a Telecaller?

The main job responsibility of a Telecaller is to make cold or unsolicited calls on behalf of a third party, to obtain information or sell any product or service. In simple words, you would be given a list of phone numbers with names and you are expected to call those people who might or might not find your product or service attractive and try to sell through telephonic communication. In some job profiles, the candidates have to take up inbound marketing calls (customer-initiated calls) and try to sell the product to the customers.

Not all Telecaller jobs are based on sales. Starting from customer service to technical process, a lot of departments would require Telecallers. Basic requirements for the position The candidate can be from varying educational backgrounds. Mostly, postgraduates and master’s degree holders are not encouraged, but each company’s requirement varies. Strong English communication and good telephonic manners are the main requirements for this job. In the case of domestic Tele-calling jobs, knowledge of the local language and additional languages like Hindi and others would be an added advantage.

In the case of international Tele-caller jobs, the accent of the communication would also be noted. Most of the international Tele-caller jobs include a probation period (might or might not be paid) during which, training on phone etiquette, accents, and communication skills would be provided to fresh candidates. Those who excel in the probation period would be hired by the company. There are lot more other requirements which can be added like:

a) Ability to emphasize the needs of customers

b) Handle various types of customers through telephonic conversation

c) Basic computer knowledge and an average typing speed

d) Readiness to work in varying shifts

Basic job description

The role of a Tele-caller does not end with just calling customers. The candidates would be expected to certain operations or paperwork related to their job like keeping track of customers-in-progress.

Most of the Tele-calling jobs would be target-based job; unless specified otherwise. The candidate would be expected to achieve a monthly or quarterly target as specified.

Scope of Tele-calling jobs

The scope of Tele-calling jobs is highly underestimated. The first fear of candidates is that they do not want to end up in a job where they have to handle cold calls throughout their career. Candidates with a few years of experience in Tele-calling jobs are highly sought for trainer positions where they are hired to train fresh Tele-callers or can take up a middle management positions in marketing fields like customer service.

More than 90% of the CEOs in today’s world started their career in the marketing field. Tele-calling is one of the best positions that would introduce you to core areas of marketing. While most of the other job profiles give preference to the academic percentage and other skills, this job is the best for those who have good communication skills. Though it is a highly unsung job position, it is one of the easiest ways to grow in a marketing-oriented organization.

People have immense commissions and incentives, Incase of night shifts, cab facilities, safety, and nightshift allowances are also given. There is always a positive tone of career growth from Telecaller to team leader, mentor manager, so on and so forth for this role.

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