Tips to crack any BPO Job

BPOs continue to remain a hot career option. The lure of good money, the perks offered, and the professional training that is given still scores over the inconvenience of working a night shift. Interviews for BPO are quite easy. The reason is with so much conviction is that they don’t test you on any specific knowledge of yours. They won’t ask you about your knowledge of your country’s History or Geography and certainly not the 2nd law of Newton. They only test one
an aspect of yours and that is the way you speak English, your command over the language.

However, despite the attrition, getting a job in a BPO is not all that easy — it requires an understanding of the industry, its requirements, and the kind of profile that BPO companies look out for.

The interview rounds for a BPO are

  1. General written which consists of English and little very basic maths.
  2. HR screening round of communication. Maybe GD can happen.
  3. Voice and accent round incase of voice job.
  4. Salary discussion and confidence checking.

Now, tell me about yourself is one of the most asked questions in almost all the company interviews and the first important thing which you need to make sure when getting this type of question is that you will finish up the answer with some 4-5 lines for a max time of 1-2 mins and not more than that.

The important key is to be Confident throughout the rounds. So, make sure you won’t look nervous and be confident even when you don’t know the answer to any questions. Just be honest and let know that you are not aware of the answer but sure you are ready to learn on that.

Since the BPO job is all about communication skills there won’t be any technical questions so be relaxed and sure you can clear it in no time.

Don’t lie or exaggerate about your past or relevant work experiences if you have any. There are several ways to find out whether you are lying or not even without contacting anyone.

Have decent communication skills. Although you can make do with little bit of knowledge, it won’t help you in the long run or end up being a handicap if you end up working for international/domestic bpo’s that deal with other languages excluding your mother tongue.

Present yourself properly & follow proper etiquette. Just because your future work environment has little or no dress codes, it doesn’t mean you can drop in for an interview sporting a grunge or hippy look. Making a good first impression is often a good way to build up a rapport.

Lastly, trust in your instincts & capabilities. Don’t just go in with the flow just because others are doing it. The easiest is not always the best.

Some of the best interview questions asked are :

Tell me something about yourself

  1. What is a BPO and how does it work?
  2. Are you comfortable with the night shifts?
  3. What is off-shore outsourcing?.
  4. What is the difference between in-bound and out-bound call centers?
  5. Why do you think BPO is the right career choice for you?
  6. Will you be comfortable handling customers on the phone?
  7. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?’

Some of the top BPO Job Recruiters are Genpact, TCS, WNS Global, Infosys, Wipro, HGS, etc.

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