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If you thought blazing off the fire and taking control of the situation was tough then you must think again. These fire service people have a long day to go as they are in charge of situations that are risky and scary. However, students who wish to make their career in this field do not feel like that.

They love the amazing nature of this job and are amazed at the selfless service they will be willing to provide to people. If you have to make your career n fire service, pursuing studies in Science is a must. You do need at least a basic high school education for being hired in this field. In India, being a graduate and ability to pass certain tests makes you able to be a fireman. However, some tend to earn degrees in fire science so that they can advance in their careers.

For people who are new, intensive training programs are held and they must try and indulge in that. In India, you can also do a Diploma in Fire Tech Safety Management. If you are a Mechanical /Civil /Electrical/Chemical/Electronics engineer, then there will be added advantage to you. For easy entry into the field, you can try taking an internship program with the company. This can come along as you pursue college. Along with some pre-employment written exams, physical as well as medical exams, people looking forward to making their career in fire service can earn a certificate as emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Majority if the departments do call for this EMT certificate. More than 90 % of them do require this. Since fire departments tend to run upwards of 70% or even more of more emergency medical good responses, it will be required as a prerequisite Some of the institutes which offer good fire service courses include:-.

a. National Disaster Management

b. National Fire service college in Nagpur

c. Delhi College of fire and safe engineering

d. College of fire engineering and safety management

e. IIPHS college of fire and safety engineering And many others

Abroad also opens up a lot of options. Gulf countries tend to open up jobs in this field with handsome packages. The salary which you can get in fire service is very great. Also, you require experience in this field to be able to get a higher amount. Any career in fire service greatly depends on the demand & supply gap. As trained hands are less in this field, you can have a chance to explore and have fun…

The median salary as reported 2020 was $45,600 You can hold many posts like these after doing fire service studies:-

Safety Officer • Safety Supervisor • Safety Warden • Safety Checker • Safety Instructor • Safety Engineers • HSE officers • Design Engineer fire protection • Estimation Engineer Fire protection • Fire Alarm Technician • Fire protection technician • Safety Auditor • Safety-in Charge • HSE assistant.

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