Benefits of temporary staffing

Temporary staffing is fast emerging as a key hiring strategy for Indian companies and the segment is poised for strong growth over the next five years. Since, Temporary staffing is fast emerging as a key hiring strategy for Indian companies, it’s likely that the government would give proper recognition to staffing industry soon.

The industry provides a platform for recognized employment, work choice, compensation, annual benefits and health benefits for the temporary workforce—- that actually constitutes almost 90 per cent of India’s total workforce. With the passage of time, the concept of contract staffing solutions is expanding in the country, and Indian corporates have not only realised this but are all set to leverage the power of the same.

Lets look into the benefits :

1. Reduced hiring risks : Budgets are somewhat tight, and organizations need to carry out more work with less money at their disposal. So, it’s advisable that companies do opt for contractual hiring and view them as extensive interview opportunities, after which you may extend a full-time employment opportunity to the candidate.

2. Increased flexibility : Contractual Staffing allows the organization, the proficiency needed for the precise time-frame of a particular job and, save money and workforce sources. Contractual Staffing also makes sense to employ individuals with specialized skills on a project basis.

3. Proficient & Skilled workers with ample experience : Researchers from Bureau of Labor Statistics have revealed that contractual hires are more qualified than others and are more exposed to a diverse range of technologies and business settings. Contractual employees often come up with excellent ideas that can be further implemented to augment the business.

4. Hire Standard employees :. Most companies should capitalize their expertise in finding the perfect candidate. Their dedicated sourcing and screening enable them to tap the finest job candidate.

5. Businesses opting for contracted resources are more likely to make more economy for their organization and company : Individual researches conducted by Lehigh University and the University of Oklahoma have proved that companies choosing to work with contractual talent turn out to be more financially sound than businesses who wants to opt otherwise.  Enterprises that opt for recruitment staffing solutions tend to perform better economically.

This can save companies valuable resources and time, and businesses can focus on activities like training and development of their employees and the overall growth.

6. Speed up the hiring process: Resorting to staffing solutions companies for recruiting talent helps in improving the overall hiring process. Once organisations opt for HR outsourcing services, they can be assured of being free from cumbersome hiring procedures. Experienced staffing solutions companies have the resources, tools and connections to cater to clients’ needs.

It very evident from all these benefits that outsourcing staffing solutions can yield substantial benefits in the long term of the organization.

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