Overcome fear of Public Speaking

When you started your professional career, there are various things you face because of your newness to the professional world. Nervousness is one of them, which generally causes fear of public speaking. There can be various reasons for the public speaking fear, especially at entry-level during meetings, but this is not the end of the world, there are various ways by which you can overcome the fear of public speaking.

To overcome the fear of public speaking you should start with the fact which is the cause of your fear and try to eliminate or sort it out, but there are other methods you can also try to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Good pep talks before the meeting

Fear of public speaking in meetings when you are a fresher or a lesser experienced employee causes many troubles at the professional level and the thought of troubles makes more room for mistakes. Actually, the fear of public speaking mainly is in our minds due to a lack of experience and negative talk we have with ourselves before a meeting. Generally, you start to think about all sorts of negative things that could ruin your meeting and your mind gets stressed even before you face the public. So, have good people talk before the meeting, say positive things, and remember that your own thoughts are your best guide and support.

Prepare as it is your first

Overconfidence is generally the reason most people ruin their entry-level meetings because they want to defeat their fear of public speaking by their confidence but that just works against them when they overdo it. When you are a fresher or an employee with relatively less experience compare to others in a meeting where you have to do the speaking then prepare well. Good preparation always helps in overcoming the fear of public speaking and boosts your confidence level.

Practice and practice

Practice makes a man perfect and in this case, practice makes you overcome the fear of public speaking. Practice and practice because only then you will feel confident enough to face the public, whether it is a meeting or other occasion. There are different methods you can try to practice like practicing with friends, colleagues, in front of the mirror, and by rehearsing a loudly couple of times.

Breathing exercise before the meeting

Breathing exercise is the best way to calm the nerves, especially when you have a fear of public speaking. Your nervousness causes you to feel fear and fills your mind to make unwanted mistakes which can be avoided by simply keeping a cool mind. Breathing exercise helps you in keeping your nerves calm and your mind focus so does some breathing exercises before you go to the meeting.

Maintain eye contact and self-confidence

To overcome the fear of public speaking, make eye contact with your audience. When you speak without making eye contact it leaves a bad impression on the listeners as well as makes you more nervous and you rush things which makes you do some silly mistakes like forgetting sentences, tripping over words, etc. So maintain eye contact eye with your audience and your self-confidence.

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