What To NOT Do In An Interview

Never show up late. Your interviewer notices that 1 minute you are late and takes a note of it. It gives the impression that you are really not interested in this job and it lacks professionalism if you dont respect their time and value. So make sure you go for interviews early and go through it without messing things up.

2. Using your cellphone

Everybody uses their cellphones. Using them in an unhealthy way, especially in the waiting room is a big no no. Stop using your cellphone for once and just focus on what you are going to tell the interviewer and keep calm. Interviewers also take this as a lack of self-respect.

3. Staring at your watch

Looking at your watch during an interview gives negative signals. It shows the interviewer that you are in a hurry to leave and is not really interested in the position. So watchout and please refrain from looking at the time during the interview. 

4. Lie

The majority of job seekers bend the truth so that they can secure the job or position. You have to understand that lying is one of the worst things you can do in an interview. Interviewers can find liars immediately and detain you. This can also be a problem for your self respect as well so its best to refrain from lying.

5. Bad Dressing Sense

Companies today have their own meaning to dressing casuals and office wear. But you have to realize that the first impression of you gives an idea for a lot of people about what kind of person you are. So make sure that you are tip top, wherever you are and just steal the show. Make sure you look professional and ready to fill that position with ease. And also, iron your clothes.

6. Having a defensive attitude

Its a very crucial time when the interviewer is assessing your personality and whether they want to even work with you. This means that it’s in your best interest to not get defensive or negative about anything you’re asked about. Instead, practice turning negatives into positives in your interview and show that you are a confident person, secure of everything.

7. Act desperate

We know you might be desperate to find a job but do not look like you are desperate. It gives an off vibe and it shows a lack of confidence. There are chances that an interviewer can select a confident candidate over a desperate candidate.

8. Show up unprepared

You should spend as much or more time preparing for an interview as you did preparing for any test you’ve taken. Please learn about the company. If it’s online, you should have already read it when you show up for your interview. Prepare responses in advance, and practice those responses.

9. Blame others for things in your past

Avoid placing blame on others for things that happened in your work history. Its not worth it, and it shows a sense of misdirection and chaos for you, later in life. So refrain from bad mouthing and just focus on doing a good job in your interview.

10. Ask about salary and benefits too early

You have plenty of time to inquire about your salary after you receive the job offer. If you do not ask for salary, interviewers might get the impression that the candidate is more driven by passion and meaningful work. If you ask for salary during the interview, that turns off the interviewer and he will realize that the candidate is here only for the money,.

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