How To Look Good For A Job Interview In 2020

In this unprecedented time, interviews are happening over the internet. Grooming is very important when it comes to physical interviews as well as virtual interviews. It shows that the particular job that you are about to join means something to you. In interviews, it is never okay to look casual. Your top half is visible on virtual interviews and you need to dress up accordingly.

How should candidates groom themselves for interviews and what should they keep in mind?

Colour choice of clothes: 

Try to avoid colors that are too vibrant. Make sure that your shirt is one solid color and it should not have zigzag or big lines as design. Make sure you are wearing soft colors, pastel colors, colors that basically don’t hurt the eye.

Be Presentable:

Your clothes must be well pressed and ironed. Men need to look presentable by trimming their mustache and beard accordingly. Hair must be well done, and women should try and not wear long earrings for interviews.

Webcam Positioning:

The positioning of the camera – if you use a PC, and your webcam is below, it will look like you are hunching and that shows low confidence. Make sure you are at level-head with the camera. The interviewer might not turn on the camera and that is okay. But think as if you are talking to the interviewer and speak accordingly. Look at the camera when you speak so that you can show confidence. Lighting is important, you need to be in a better place so that the video does not come out grainy as well.


Test your audio. Phone on silent. Check surrounding sounds, use headphones, or earphones. The speech should be clear and concise. Check the audio beforehand with your friends. Make sure that you need to have the room for yourself and ask the people around you to be silent or leave so that you won’t have any disturbance and hence that would lead to a smooth transitioning of your interview,

Body posture:

 Look confident even if you are nervous. Don’t bend, don’t slouch, give a smile. Think, take a deep breath, and answer.  Hand gestures enhance the way you are speaking. Never point into the camera because it looks offensive to the interviewer taking your job interview.

These tips should help you ace your physical and virtual interviews accordingly. Good luck!

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