Graduates Of 2020 Affected Due To The Current Crisis

There have been some comparisons between the crisis of 2008 and the current situation. In 2008 the situation was due to the Financial Markets across the globe taking a downslide. It was recovered by market stimulation by Governments and robust planning and execution by financial institutions across the globe.

The current situation is an explosion of uncertainties across the political, economic, educational, and social strata of the world. Nobody is sure of how the situation will be post this crisis. The situation is worrisome for the Graduates passing out in 2020.

1. After years of learning and educational stress of exams, they are now thrust into a Job Market filled with uncertainty. This leads to career anxiety and depression.

2. Few graduates have taken “student educational loans” and are now unsure of repayment.

3. Many have graduated from courses that cater to industries such as “Hospitality”, “travel” etc which has a bleak post-covid19 scenario.

4. Conditional Job offers received by graduates from corporate during campus hiring have been canceled or put in cold storage.

So the question is how can such graduates deal with this crisis?

One is to have an outlook of wait and watch and wish for everything to return to normal.

The second is to explore and enhance skills right now, so as to be prepared at whatever possibilities or situation the future unfurls. To be prepared to embrace change. To take up any job which comes the way for the next few months, while at the same time up-skilling for career progression towards a desired goal, when the situation is right.

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