Best 5 Highest Paid Blue Collar Jobs In India

What are blue-collar jobs? Blue-collar jobs are work that usually involves physical labor. White-collar jobs are work that usually involves mental labor.

Back in the time, in India, blue-collar jobs were not given much importance for high-class families because they tend to lean in towards a white-collared job, which eventually leads them to pressure and 9 – 5 working hours, leaving white-collar job workers frustrated.

Welcome to the present 2020, where everyone is looking for blue-collar jobs! The world needs firefighters, mechanics, construction workers, machine operators, millwright, assembler, and truck drivers!

Especially at this time, with job portals enabling people to apply for jobs, blue-collar jobs are on a 150% rise in India! These are the top 5 best paid blue-collar jobs in India:

CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE (Rs.8000 – Rs.40000 per month)

Customer care executives jobs top the list, you wouldn’t even believe us. Today, in the world of start-ups, companies have an innumerable amount of call centers, which in result helped a huge number of people open for jobs, not only just to find a career but also enhance their communication skills, listening skills and how to learn with different kinds of customers


CAB DRIVERS (Rs.20000 – Rs.35000 per month)

Do you love driving? This job is for you. Bump up to your favorite music and start driving! All you need to start is a driving license and you can drive your own vehicle, or join any one of the leading cab or tourism services, such as Ola, Uber, Rapido, etc.

DELIVERY CAPTAIN (Rs.9000 – Rs.25000 per month)

This job is one of the most underrated and the best works a person can do in the vocational sector.  Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Amazon, Flipkart, online markets, couriers services, each and everyone requires delivery boys. Freelancer, part-time, full time, hourly, you can opt for any of these and a good amount of cash. All you need is a driving license and a mobile phone.

FIELD SALES EXECUTIVE (Rs.8000 – Rs.20000 per month): 

If you have good communication skills and a good convincing ability to influence anyone to buy your product, then this is your safest and your best bet. You can easily earn a good amount of money here. Years into working as a field sales executive, you can gain a huge amount of experience and get into bigger organizations. You can apply for sales jobs here.

CARETAKER/BABYSITTER (Rs.5000 – Rs.15000 per month)

Unlike the old times, NGOs make a huge effort to make sure that people are taken care of in every way possible and they are getting paid for it. Try to join an NGO or take care of kids of working parents in your neighborhood, with the parent’s consent obviously. Timing flexibility and mental satisfaction of this job make it one of the best options to look forward to. 

Blue-collar jobs are highly specialized and require someone to be skilled in performing a certain task. However, for the most part, they do not require any formal education. A high school diploma is typically all that is required for this kind of work. What are you waiting for? Apply here now!

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